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Why Startups need xDAC?

Register your decentralized company on a public blockchain in minutes.
Each company will come with crypto wallets and online merchant tools.
Fair competition between companies as all companies are regulated by same rules.
Companies can launch an equity token sale on the xDAC platform.
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What is xDAC Company

An xDAC company is a Decentralized Autonomous Company created and operated on xDAC blockchain by one or multiple human or autonomous agent owners or a mixture of both. For the first time entities other than humans can own or run the company as long as they follow platform rules.

xDAC Platform

xDAC Platform is a database of decentralized companies stored on the public blockchain. The focus of an xDAC platform is not just company creation and token distribution but establishing standards for decentralized businesses.

XDAC Currency

XDAC coin is a platform currency representing value and wealth in the decentralized economy used for an exchange of values between xDAC companies, employees, customers, and other third-party entities.


Centralized businesses have a single point of failure and setting up global operations come with their own set of legal and regulatory issues.

An xDAC Platform is focused on creating a comprehensive framework for entrepreneurs, teams, autonomous agents and investors in crypto space – all of whom benefit from a decentralized entity.

Governance and Jurisdiction

Registration, local jurisdiction compliance and reporting, state and federal taxes, judges, lawyers, court proceedings

Business and Payments

Bank accounts, merchant accounts, payrolls, local investors, office space, external centralized productivity tools

Traditional Company vs xDAC Company
Governance and Dispute Resolution

Instant creation of decentralized company, automated governance and dispute resolution, PoP incentives for company teams

Funds and DApps

Fundraising through ICOs, crypto payment processing, automatic payrolls, support for DApps and internal autonomous agents


The focus of an xDAC Platform is based on company creation and token distribution. It also establishes standards for decentralized businesses. Whether it’s taking full advantage of decentralized ledger technology, automated dispute resolution or security of stored information, the platform lets anyone create and manage any kind of company without the limitations of geography.

Governance and Disputes

The xDAC platform establishes digital jurisdiction over xDACs created and operated by business owners. Disputes with third parties are resolved expediently and objectively through a decentralized Dispute Representative Board (DRB).

Ownership and Token Issuance

Owners have an option to issue any amount of equity tokens at company registration and distribute them between the owners or public via a token sale.

Payment Processing

The most important part of each company is payment processing and the use of digital wallet technology. An xDAC platform will create a wallet with merchant tools for each xDAC upon the establishment of a company on the platform.

Liability Fund

An xDAC Liability Fund is a coverage in case the xDAC's debts or liabilities exceed a certain debt-to-equity ratio. It is calculated as a percentage of received payments until a certain threshold is reached. This protects investors in case of xDAC default.


xDAC’s PoP mechanism allows for an automated rating system to track the effectiveness of team members and companies and distribute the platform profit by way of participation.

Project and Team Management

Project and team management is a key feature of PoW Performance Rating. It helps xDAC keep up with tasks, scheduling, and distributing automated payments to team members.


An xDAC ecosystem can be viewed as several distinct technological layers strategically connected together.

xDAC Blockchain
Among the decentralized smart contract platforms, xDAC blockchain is the most advanced Blockchain platform available for development to all xDAC companies.
xDAC Platform
The public’s smart contract layer provides an open-sourced implementation of key components creating the governance for decentralized applications (DApps) and Autonomous Agents to be built upon.
xDAC Client
The xDAC client is an innovative user interface that brings together all the DApps and Autonomous Agents in one place. The initial plan is to build website and desktop applications for easier interaction with the xDAC Platform.



Jon B.

A platform company: Selling pickaxes rather than searching for fool's gold

In the overcrowded field of ICOs and tokenized assets, the ones that will succeed are those that are building platforms, providing infrastructure, and lowering the barrier to entry for other market participants. xDAC has wisely chosen to sell pickaxes and shovels to the miners, rather than heading into the foothills to look for gold - they know that with the emergence of distributed ledger systems in the financial and legal industries, existing companies will need to adapt their business models in order to stay competitive. By providing one-on-one support and guidance, established systems and templates, and a modular platform by which to enter the blockchain era, xDAC will establish itself as the go-to solution for companies looking to adopt a decentralized structure. People talk about the tokenization of securities in the stock exchanges, but don't acknowledge the severe difficulty these companies will face in transforming their legacy systems. xDAC will provide a seamless, full-service on-ramp for these companies, supporting their transition into the new, tokenized economy.

Max N.

One of the best ICO actually to invest. Blockchain technology is growing everywhere. Seems like shares of companies are going to disappear and take its place the tokens distribution. Not only for holding a company, also to organize it, to partner with others, to accept payments from customers and suppliers, to make sales, to send encrypted messages, to safe information, contracts, documents, the applications are nearly unlimited. And xDAC is offering business and companies, the possibility to launch this new technology. Businesses that move billions of USD all around the world, blockchain, tokens,... If xDAC gets one portion of this cake, it will be worth millions, and each token represents a share in this company.

Alexey S.


Revolutionary technology xDAC is not just the creation and distribution of tokens, but the setting of standards for decentralized enterprises. The xDAC platform fully utilizes decentralized accounting technology and allows you to create and manage a company without geographic restrictions. For this they will solve the following problems: - Problems of jurisdictions - Problems of decentralization of your business - The problem of business management To solve these problems, this project was created. I like that they work with the EOS, and this is a revolutionary blockade behind which the future stands. The project has a strong enough team, a quality website where the essence is briefly and tezisno described, all technology is described in a fairly informational EaP. I think that this project not only deserves attention, but also our investments. All Stars.


- Rare project in in the cryptomarket…

- Rare project in in the cryptomarket and also the purpose of centralised system to decentralise business concept makes me more confident about the project. Reading the white paper, gain some super concept on this project. Keep this project alive dears

Arjit A.

Best ICO of 2018

The global business community is looking to benefit from true economic growth. A system free from the influence of regulatory agencies and malicious third-parties. One that is open countless enterprising opportunities that include raising capital through ICOs, streamlining operations via blockchains, and increasing profits. Introducing xDAC — a decentralized network with a built-in Proof of Work (PoW) incentive mechanism, a comprehensive governance tool, and an innovative support system for DApps and internal Autonomous Agents — all housed on top of EOS. Welcome to the newest way to effectively run your business. The biggest chunk of this margin improvement is going to come from eliminating unnecessary layers of hierarchy and the consolidation, outsourcing, elimination and automation of non-value adding activities. This is where xDAC, with it’s promise of decentralized governance and framework for automation comes in. There are several thousand people currently employed by Nestlé for payroll management, employee fund management, relationship management with financial institutions, administration, dispute management, and decision making in general. A significant majority of these jobs could become redundant through the adoption of xDAC platform features like voting tokens, payments and automated payroll processing, Autonomous Agents, and PoW based performance and project management.


xDAC is really interesting project as…

xDAC is really interesting project as far as i have read through the website and Whitepaper. Unique in the aspect that there is no such project exist right now. And they are deploying EOS smart contracts system. If you have appreciation for EOS and then we must know that this will be a great collaboration in the future.

Aadi M.


The xDAC platform is a well thought out offering that is capable of addressing a common desire of modern business – global expansion. Essentially enabling team and project management while shaving costs and facilitating almost any aspect of business growth, the xDAC ICO has tremendous legitimacy and potential application. xDac offers a professional blockchain solution xDac offers a professional blockchain solution for anyone, not just institutions or big companys. Anyone can benefit from this offering. Real world solution for real world problem.

Deepak A.

Decentralized companies is the logical next step for blockchain tech

I read through their white paper and project ambitions. It looks like a logical next step in the evolution of blockchain technology that aims to change how companies are incorporated and governed with blockchain technologies. xDAC is not only building a platform but also establishing standards for decentralized businesses to take advantage of the technology and let anyone create and manage company without geographical limitations and full transparency.

Ozgur H.

Xdac platform coming soon.

Since the third quarter of 2017 cryptomarkets have witnessed a lof of coins established in the markets and the numbers of tokens has risen even thousands. xDac, with aiming a business role model optimizing decentralization and transparency, provides a international business management system both involving in building self-controlled governance and overcoming the barriers of arbitraging. Nowadays, most of businesses have to survive in the barriers resulted from centralization and administrative constraints whereas Xdac platform performs on Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which is not affected by shortage of human resources on management in the companies and eliminates the “burdens” weighted on the organization by hierarchy. Built upon DAO, even bigger companies will have chances to focus more on core business with easily trackable and managable frame. Also, liability funding is created on upcoming transactions that can be easily covered to liabilities automatically, and at all this can be preference to control finances over cash flow concerns.

Cao B.

A good ICO to consider

xDAC has responded to business needs in the 21st century and epitomizes the savvy application of blockchain to the world’s affairs. With the reality of the global marketplace now entrenched, providing a carefully built and intelligent platform that enables clients’ business ambitions cannot go unnoticed. With the token issue scheduled for January 2019 post the initial publicity and fund-raising stage, xDAC’s prospects look bright. Early uptake of the ICO comes with staggered rewards, based on first response, with early adopters being given a healthier bonus issue than those further down the line. Organizations, associations and businesses particularly face huge challenges in expansion, particularly distant expansion into other countries. They need to split resources, invest time and money and still maintain their existing domestic service levels while also ideally presenting as ready-made in the new commercial arena. xDAC allows businesses to develop, manage and govern expansion in a decentralized manner, balancing autonomy with existing CI and protocols, allowing for rapid expansion into new geographical markets.

Kiếm N.

The global business community is…

The global business community is looking to benefit from true economic growth. A system free from the influence of regulatory agencies and malicious third-parties. One that is open countless enterprising opportunities that include raising capital through ICOs, streamlining operations via blockchains, and increasing profits. Introducing xDAC — a decentralized network with a built-in Proof of Work (PoW) incentive mechanism, a comprehensive governance tool, and an innovative support system for DApps and internal Autonomous Agents — all housed on top of EOS. Welcome to the newest way to effectively run your business.

Eze C.

Brilliant idea

Brilliant idea! xDAC truly have the interest of young entrepreneurs at heart, this platform has come to make business innovations a lot more easier. With their clear road map, you can see a successful and prosperous future. I love the team behind this platform, they have given me much confidence. Am so happy to be in this community. Amazing Project!

Yogesh J.

The project is one of a kind

The project is one of a kind. I read the whitepaper and I was quite impressed. The best of all is the fact that the team listens to the community. I will be rooting for you guys.

Ukaha D.

I like to point out categorically that, this project has one unique usability feature I like the most and that is MARKET GLOBALISATION!! this is just the feature of worldwide marketing and strategic planning... I love this project. xDAC will go places!!!

Pankaj S.

Decentralized businesses

xDAC establish standards for decentralized businesses. It is a platform that aggregates governance, finances and workforce together in one place, automates them, so system is beneficial for company and their customers. Great team with definite vision. I definitely recommend this token.

[FR] Thierry A.

xDAC un succés attendu pour 2018

xDAC est une société basée sur un réseau décentralisé doté d'un mécanisme d'incitation au travail, d'outils de gouvernance et de gestion complets et d'un système de support pour les DApps et les agents autonomes, tous basés sur EOS. En plus leur ICO est bien ficellé dans un whitepaper de qualité et cela sera un gros succés pour 2018 . Bravo

[FR] Shin

Excellente idée avec un réel usage !

Basé sur le BlockChain EOS (pour moi une des plus avancées actuellement), le projet de xDac est ambitieux, et aura un réel usage contrairement à bon nombre de cryptomonnaies. Elle répond aux besoins de nombreuses entreprises ayant recours à plusieurs agents pour des tâches externes, tout simplement en les amenant sur une plateforme. Par ce biais, les différents agents peuvent plus facilement collaborer, échanger et surtout se mettre en relation dans un but précis. Une excellente idée qui a de l'avenir 🙂

[DE] Marvin G.

Das ist ein einzigartiger ICO

Das ist ein einzigartiger ICO. Das Konzept ist super, vor allem die Umsetzung mit der Blockchain. Ich wünsche dem Team viel Erfolg.

[IT] Giuseppe C.

Sicuramente uno dei progetti piu…

Sicuramente uno dei progetti piu interessanti del 2018. Il team di sviluppatori e' molto solido e l'idea alla base di sicuro successo. xDAC è una società autonoma decentralizzata creata e gestita su piattaforma xDAC, registro digitale decentralizzato, da uno o più proprietari di agenti umani o autonomi o una combinazione di entrambi che condividono uno scopo comune e si unisce per raggiungere obiettivi specifici dichiarati. Piattaforma xDAC L'obiettivo di una piattaforma xDAC non è solo la creazione di società e la distribuzione di token, ma la definizione di standard per le imprese decentralizzate. Una piattaforma xDAC sfrutta appieno la tecnologia dei libri contabili decentralizzati e consente a chiunque di creare e gestire un'azienda senza i limiti della geografia.

[RU] Oleg L.

Что делает xDAC свежим и интересным в отличии от других ico?

xDAC - это проект, который действительно заслуживает нашего внимания, исходя из заявлений команды. Единственный в том мертете, что другого такого - же проект сейчас не найти. Почему? 5 Причин успеха проекта: 1) Грамотный выбор системы смарт контрактов: EOS способна поддерживать тысячи децентрализованных приложений коммерческого масштаба. Параллельное выполнение, асинхронная связь и другие функции платформы. Кроме того, платформа может отделить аутентификацию от исполнения.Эти цепочки могут поддерживать десятки тысяч транзакций в секунду. 2) Платформа xDAC. Надежный контрактный уровень общественности обеспечивает реализацию ключевых компонентов, основанных на открытых источниках, которые создают основу для децентрализованных приложений (DApps) и автономных агентов. 4) Клиент "Все в одном" Встречают по одёжке - говорит знаменитая пословица, и она права даже в сфере блокчейна. От того, насколько красив, дружелюбен и удобен интерфейс, зависит дальнейшее мнение пользователя, клиента о нём. А это означает, что удобство влияет на то, что посетитель будет находиться на сайте, приложение - ваш проект, захочет ли он пользоваться платформой или нет. Поэтому удобный интерфейс имеет большое значение Клиент xDAC - это инновационный пользовательский интерфейс, объединяющий все DApps и автономные агенты в одном месте. Первоначальный план - создание веб-сайтов и настольных приложений для упрощения взаимодействия с платформой xDAC. 5) Грамотная цена на время ICO Старт продаж намечен на 16 мая. начальная цена за токен 0,001 Эфир. Что само по себе не слишком мало и одновременно не слишком много. + все непроданные токены распределяются среди участников ICO. Подводя итог вышесказанному. Категорически рекомендую как миниум к ознакомлению, как максим к непосредственному участию. Мой рейтинг xDAC 5/5.